Velo Nicotine Pouches: A Brutally Honest Review (UK)

Around the middle of last year, I saw Velo nicotine pouches by the condoms and lube in Tesco! I thought I had lost my mind seeing Snus on the shelf at a major supermarket. Even more notable was the fact they were wedged between where you go if you have a cold and you head to if you are about to have a night out. Well, a night out for those of us who could nick a girl after a Stella or two. As a seasoned Snus connoisseur, in my opinion, I thought I would put them to the test. Read on to see what I found.

What are “Velo Nicotine Pouches”

Velo is a version of Snus. So many names are associated with this industry now it is hard to stay on top of them. Ultimately, Velo is a brand of Snus, Nicopods, or Nicotine Pouches that you place in your mouth! You get nicotine delivered to your system without the tar and other ugly bits associated with traditional smoking.

Velo is not cheap at £6.99 per pot in the supermarket. With the number of Snus I do daily, buying supermarket Snus could be as expensive as smoking. This is why great independent Snus dealers exist, focusing on small details like sustainability. I would much rather order Snus online than pay extortionate single pot prices without the capacity to order bulk and on a deal.

Anyway, rant over.

The packaging from Velo is okay, nothing spectacular and hardly creative, but its there.

How to Use Velo Nicotine Pouches

If you are new to nicotine pouches or “Snus”, stay with me. The left side of my mouth, between the upper lip and gum, probably has a sofa crease from all the Snus I have done. Seriously, I have done a lot. But, for the newcomer, you place a nicotine pouch anywhere between your gum and upper lip in your mouth. I think Snus has different deployment times; some need to be a little more moist than others to feel a hit.

Velo is no different from the rest; using it was easy. Simple pop in the mouth, then lay back and see where it takes you.

Velo Nicotine Pouches Side Effects

I picked up the strongest version of Velo that I saw on the shelves. It was the maximum strength available. I later found that the actual milligrams of nicotine inside each pouch claimed to be 17mg. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have bothered buying them if I had known that from the start. But, for content and helping others, I am glad I did.

Velo Max Freeze had virtually no side effects for me. Usually, anything above 30mg can rock my boat, but Velo is chilled. A nice initial wave of nicotine kicks in at around the 3-minute mark. The side effects can only be described as relaxing without being overwhelming. If you have done as many Snus as I have, you will know that sometimes nausea can set in with higher mg pouches. The Velo pouches were enough to hit with a slight buzz but not enough to sit me down (as many pouches can do.)


  • 17mg
  • Comfortable, moist pouches
  • Readily available
  • All essential trash compartments on the packaging

Velo does have some positives to be said for the brand. I like the ability to go and grab a pack from the shop if necessary. For those of us that do Snus regularly, running out can be a bit of a nightmare. So, getting something from the shop is a positive addition to the market. The pouches are super comfortable too. Moist portions of Snus these days are becoming more frequent, especially with the newer brands.


  • Flavour is not consistent.
  • Not enough strength to be consistent throughout the day

Since using the first Velo nicotine pouches, which were a mint flavour, I went on to try more. One of my main problems with these pouches is the flavour inaccuracy. The berry flavour is probably one of the worst I have tried. Each pouch is weak to the taste and some taste of nothing. It will demonstrate perfectly if you compare any Velo pouches to a Cuba Cherry. The super-rich, punchy flavours that come from that Snus is not matched even at 10% by Velo.

17mg is okay, but I genuinely think they are weaker. Hitting a Velo when you roll over in bed first thing in the morning can yield a bit of a nicotine hit. But, any subsequent insertions of Velo into the gum yield a slight taste. Every time you put a Snus in, you have more tolerance. With Velo, the only way you will get a nicotine rush as you get first thing in the morning; is by putting in three!

Who Should Use Velo?

If you are trying Snus for the first time, you couldn’t ask for a better pouch to try. Velo will give you a consistent small nicotine hit for 10-15 minutes. They are not abrasive on the gum, so no burning sensations synonymous with Snus. And the flavour is okay for a short period. My brother loves Velo and continues using them throughout the day at work. They are perfectly suited to an office environment where you can lodge one discreetly and still have your wits about you. Some of the stronger Snus available can wipe you out for an hour!

Paradoxically, if you are a glutton for powerhouse Snus, they will not be for you. You stand more chance getting a nicotine hit from a Green Tea, sorry guys!

Where to Buy Cheap Velo Nicotine Pouches

Buying individual units can be costly, especially in supermarkets. So, if you find your weekly shop goes up by £50 in Tesco then you can’t blame it on the cost of living crisis. You have likely been stuffing pots of Snus in your bag! But, as my wife always says, be prepared and order in advance. So, you should order from our website to buy in a bulk of 10 units and receive a next day delivery and huge discounts.

Best Alternatives to Velo

One of the nice things about Snus in this strength category is the options available. Some brands are now killing the market with super flavours and consistent strength. Although Snus is subjective, each person will have different results; strengths between 10 and 30mg are not too abrasive on the system. I would recommend trying these specific products as a direct comparison to Velo.

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  • Mansur June 3, 2024 Reply

    I tried a few but they have a sweet taste to it that I don’t fancy. Also, I find dry nicotine pouches better because they are more subtle and they kinda flatten out and you don’t even notice them. Like Zyn’s cool mint 9mg. I always thought the wet ones were the way to go but I found out I prefer the dry ones. Zyn is very thin, and the more you hold it under the lip the less you notice it.

  • Mansur June 3, 2024 Reply

    And to add to it, they don’t move around.

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