Buy Snus in London

London, the epicentre of the UK, has played a major role in the popularity of Snus. Popularity has led to finding products on the shelves of multiple retailers, both independent and mainstream. As with any product, there are price disparities, particularly in London. At Snusboys, we ensure the best possible prices for our customers, with a key focus on speed and ease of delivery.

Where to Buy Snus in London

The growing popularity of Snus and Nicopods has seen the influx of multiple brands in recent years. Some years ago, you may have found obtaining a box of Snus in the UK market difficult. Now, however, stockists are promoting several lines of Snus in London. While consumers can purchase over the counter these days, it does not mean they are getting the best value for money.

At Snusboys our products are some of the most competitive in the market. Our years of experience servicing the UK have given us deep insights into the demand of our customers. By listening to our customers, we have developed our business based on the fundamental principles of purchasing Snus.

Next Day Delivery

If you have ever an out of Snus, you know the struggles! We ensure a 24-hour turnaround for our customers so you can sleep easy knowing your Snus will be with you tomorrow.

Best Products

As with any consumable product, freshness is pivotal in flavour and strength. We ensure the freshest products for our customers. 

Best Prices

To buy cheap Snus doesn’t mean you are getting good Snus! We position ourselves metrically to compete among some of the best prices in the UK – without sacrificing company values and expectations.

Is it Legal to Buy Snus in London?

The term “snus” has been a colloquialism for nicopods and nicotine pouches for some time. In the EU, Snus is actually illegal to sell, except in Sweden. Our products are nicopods, the legal variant of Snus in the UK often referred to as Snus.  With varying strengths, flavours and composition, the market is booming, especially in London.

While you may find Swedish Snus in the UK, finding Tobacco pouches is neither easy nor advised. Nicotine is an addictive product, as most already know. Many used Snus to detract from smoking, and it is consensus that “Snus” or “Nicopods” are a flavourful and strong substitute.

Most Popular London Snus

Cuba Snus

Exceptional flavours, and with strengths up to 150mg, Cuba are one of the fastest rising Snus in the UK. If you are looking for a hard-hitting Snus with dynamic flavour profiles then check out our Cuba shop here.

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