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Ireland is becoming increasingly in demand of Snus. If you want to buy Snus in Ireland, you have come to the right place! We have one of the largest selections of Snus online, with tens of brands. Whether you are looking for fruit Snus, Mint Snus, or wild combination flavours, we have you covered!

How to Buy Snus in Ireland

The increasing prevalence of Snus and Nicopods has led to the emergence of numerous brands in recent years. Not too long ago, procuring a Snus product in Ireland presented particular challenges. However, retailers are actively endorsing multiple Snus product lines in Ireland. Nonetheless, the ability of consumers to acquire these products over the counter does not necessarily equate to optimal value for their investment.

At Snusboys, buying Snus in Ireland is quick, easy, and comes with a world-class customer service. Ultimately, buying Snus online should be easy and you should be confident in your products arriving to you promptly. We aim to complete the process within a few days, so you are able to enjoy your Snus fast. 

Fast Delivery

Choose Snusboys for a quick delivery service that comes with our utmost attention. We choose the fastest delivery options available and track all of our orders.

Best Products

Choosing Snusboys means you will benefit from our diligence in procurement. We ensure all of our products are fresh and ready to be enjoyed. Even Snus has a shelf life!

Best Prices

Not only do we ensure our prices remain within current market values, but we also have a section for cheap Snus. After all, what is a shop without a sale?

What is Snus and How does it Work?

Snus is a product that is typically associated with the Nordic countries, in particular, Sweden. Tobacco-based Snus has been banned in most of the EU. Our Snus nicotine pouches are variations of Snus made from water and plant-based fillers alongside nicotine. If you are looking for a product as a tobacco alternative, you have found one of the fastest growing around. 

While websites may be selling Tobacco-based products, we only provide the alternative. We refer to pouches as “Snus” in line with the terminology adopted through word of mouth. There are several different strengths available, ranging from low to extreme. There is something for everyone, including those looking for a smoking alternative.

Most Popular Ireland Snus

Cuba Snus

Cuba is one of the fastest growing brands in Ireland right now. The unique packaging and surprise Snus look and feel means an exciting unboxing! With strengths up to 150mg, Cuba is considered one of the big players in the Snus game.

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