Supreme Raspberry: The Honest Review by The Snus Expert

I remember the Supreme nicotine pouches brand pre-2022 when the original packaging, uninspired as it was, drove a significant amount of interest. The silence by Supreme after a successful launch into various markets has been deafening. Like, woah, where has Supreme Snus gone? So, like many, I was excited to hear that in the middle of 2023, there would be a relaunch of the once pretty sought-after pouches. As expected, the later stages of 2023 saw the reintroduction of Supreme into the marketplace. The old classics like Super Melon and Mint Lime were reintroduced, alongside another hard-hitter, Supreme Raspberry. 

The Packaging: 6/10

Honestly, I expected a little more from Supreme with the new packaging. The market has become much more competitive in recent years. Business 101 would suggest that newcomers, or ‘rebranders’, should try to stand out from the crowd. I expected something a little more powerful, something a little more punchy. Instead, the packaging of the Supreme Raspberry is flat, unprovocative, and disappointing from an aesthetic point of view. I know I am being picky, but perhaps my idea of marketing stems from an annoying tendency to be conscientious. Supreme could have done better.

As a side note, in branding, there is a necessity to attract on the first approach. I do like the new logo style, it definitely offers a semblance to a premium brand in these times. It was just unsupported by the rest of the information on the can, which had so much more potential. The most annoying thing for me is the reverse of the can. Honestly, a company that is competing against some of the biggest nicotine pouch companies in the world in this market has let themselves down. The small details count, and for a company to use a Gmail for contact as opposed to a proprietary one shows a lack of dedication to the market. Imagine Apple said, “Just drop us a line at apple@gmail.com” – would you feel a sense of trust in the business? Hell no! But, hey, who am I?

The Supreme Raspberry Smell Test: 9/10

The shortcomings of the packaging is negated to some extent by the smell test. When you crack a can of the Supreme Raspberry you have an immediate waft of a rich raspberry that fills you with excitement. They do smell good. With some brands, the manufactured chemical-induced flavour can be underwhelming or overwhelming. Supreme has nailed the smell test with the raspberry flavor. There is depth, buoyancy, and an inquisitive need to inhale deeper. Sometimes, the smell test goes well until you get a little closer, only to inhale what can be described as a chemical concoction instead of a real accurate representation of the target. The raspberry performs exceptionally well, offering a life-like aroma.

Pouch Composition: 18/20

I think Supreme have always had good pouches, even since the original releases. The raspberry has a well-balanced composition between moistness and dryness. Interestingly, the Banana Milkshake flavour has an extremely moist and sticky pouch, directly contrasting to the Raspberry. I wonder if this is a direct intention by Supreme to show off its versatility as a brand or if the results of the flavors causing an imbalance in pouch consistency. Either way, the result is a well-balanced pouch that sits well in the gum and immediately soaks. In the picture you can see the Raspberry pouch excretes the contents to the point of being drained almost completely. The colouring is a distinct red after the load phase. I really liked the pouch composition because of the moist vs dry ratio, and I think that most will like these pouches.

The Flavour: 17/20

Do they taste of raspberries? Yes! I could taste the raspberries in the pouches 20 minutes into the load, which surprised me. Do I like the taste of raspberries? No! But, my own personal preference is either here or there. I guess people who buy Supreme Raspberry do so because they like raspberries, or at least think they may like raspberries. I definitely wasn’t the kid walking through meadows eating raspberries back in the day like a London version of one of those farmers. But I have had raspberries before, and the representation in the Supreme pouches is rich, deep, and accurate. 

The Strength: 17/20

At 60mg, the Supreme Raspberry is no slouch in the strength department. The strengths in nicotine pouches have gone a little wild recently so I am happy that Supreme offered something at least midrange. I have found it difficult to discern whether the pouches are genuinely 60mg, or if the strength level is promoted as to the mg/g. But, compared with something like the Pablo Mocca at 50mg, there is no competition, these pouches are much stronger.

The day time pouches seem to have a little less kick, but still enough to know you have a nicotine pouch in your gums. I have a theory, as I have explained in previous articles, that the physiology of us strange people builds up a certain level of tolerance to nicotine with our day-to-day consumption and other factors, such as food and water. I tend to test my nicotine pouches and snus when I first wake up as I feel the effects are easier to quantify. Thats all fair and well when you have a 20mg pouch and you have a little kick. Try it in the mornings when you slam a 150mg in for the name of content, you can thank me another time!

The raspberry flavor is always intense every single time. The nicotine seems to disperse pretty quickly through the load, however. These pouches are not one of the ones that continue to get more and more intense through the load. The raspberries peak out after around 10 minutes. So, although most research shows that you can effectively use a nicotine pouch, or snus, for up to 40 minutes, I think the raspberry is best used up to around 20 minutes. Every system is different, though, and every mouth, so any of you with a dry mouth like Ghana’s flip-flop may find a little more life than I did.

Longevity: 12/20

The raspberry pouches are, in my opinion, fast-acting and quite aggressive. So, that nicotine rush that most of us snus lovers enjoy comes pretty quickly and lasts for around 10 minutes. I went through a whole can to write this review accurately under different physiological conditions. The wake-up raspberry Supreme snus is almost unbearably fast. The 60mg of nicotine runs through you very quickly and, most mornings, I found it difficult to get out of bed before I had a good few swigs of my water to bring me back to life. The day time loads of the raspberry pouches were enjoyable for the most part. I loved creeping one in during office hours, listening to Susannah next to me waffling on the phone became a little more bearable. 


Exceptional depth of flavour

Fast-acting nicotine level 

Accurate strength

Great pouch composition in comparison with most other brands 


Cans feel cheap and understated 

The Verdict: 79/100

Supreme being back in the market is a definite positive. The pouch composition of the raspberry pouches is almost perfect, the flavour is ridiculously accurate, these are great pouches. I think the 60mg may be a little bit of a turn-off for infrequent users of snus, which is a shame. Judging by the online stores, the Raspberry is one of the fastest-selling Supreme nicotine pouches as so many stores are sold out. The raspberry is certainly not an entry-level snus, even though it is entry-level for Supreme as a brand in terms of strength. If you are willing to give a 60mg a try, then you couldn’t do wrong with the raspberry. Other than the marketing, can, and to my own preference, the longevity, these are brilliant nicotine pouches. 

Who is Supreme Raspberry for?

Anyone that likes a quick hit, great flavour and a shorter load time in the gum. If you are chilling in front of the TV then you may have a preference toward a different product or brand to enjoy over a longer period of time. But, if you are busy, like me, and need that quick nicotine hit (and need to drown out Susannah’s boring voice) then Supreme raspberry is a great shout.

Where to Buy Supreme Raspberry?

I have not found these pouches on the ground in any of the many stores that now sell nicotine pouches and snus. Online stores is the only sourcing point for the raspberry supreme. As a recommendation, and one of the only places that I have seen these pouches consistently in stock you should check out our Supreme stock here

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