Snus to quit vaping or smoking…

Snus to Quit Vaping and Becoming Smoke-Free

Now although for optimal health it is best to avoid all substances, it is impossible to ignore that over 1.5 billion people worldwide are using nicotine in some way shape or form, some forms more harmful than others.

Being smoke-free has a long list of benefits for anyone who can kick it, even switching from smoking to vaping is an achievement in itself and has been proven to greatly reduce health risks. However, going above and beyond to live a smoke or vapour-free lifestyle is one of the best things you can do for your health and nicotine pouches can be one of the most useful tools to transition to this lifestyle. At Snusboys nicotine pouches are available in abundance in an array of strengths and flavours to accommodate anyone looking to use Snus to quit vaping or smoking.

Michael’s Success Story

Michael has been a long friend of ours since we began in 2020. At the time Michael was smoking around 10 cigarettes a day. He tried everything from vaping to nicotine arm patches and other forms of smoking cessation, only to return to smoking. Nothing quite worked. That was until I introduced him to nicotine pouches or tobacco-free snus.

He tried a few, eventually settling on his favourite product Killa blueberry (not what I would have chosen but each to their own) and from that day forward Michael never picked up a cigarette again. This was the only product that gave him long-term success in achieving a smoke-free lifestyle and he soon began to reap the benefits of improved cardiovascular health and so on.

Now although Michael had stopped smoking he did not stop nicotine altogether as he was now using nicotine pouches. But the research is pretty clear that nicotine pouches are far less harmful than smoking. Some would argue that they do not want to drop a bad habit just to pick up another, but anyone who has tried to quit smoking can attest that going cold turkey quite often leads to a never-ending cycle of telling yourself “This will be my last cigarette.”

More recently Michael decided to go completely nicotine-free and quit all forms of nicotine but he may have never ended up here if he had not made his journey to becoming smoke-free first!

Choosing the Correct Snus to Quit Vaping or Smoking

When it comes to using tobacco-free snus to quit vaping or smoking it is important to choose the right product and understand that there is a wide range of strengths of nicotine pouches. To begin it is always best to start lower and progress in strength if you see fit. The amount you smoke or vape will significantly impact your nicotine tolerance and determine which strength nicotine pouches are suitable for you.

If you are a moderate vape user or smoker I would suggest you begin with products from 8 – 20mg. Some products sit around the 3mg mark but from reports from our customers, these probably won’t do much for most people, which is why people often come to our store to find products that are a bit more interesting than the poor selection of weak nicotine pouches in their local shop.

If you are a heavy smoker or vape user I would recommend anything from 14mg-30mg to begin with. One thing that is important to note however, whether you smoke one cigarette a day or one hundred do not plunge yourself into strengths above this without first experimenting, as you may be in for a big surprise.

There is a wide selection of flavours and strengths to choose from on our website in this range to suit all palettes.

The Take-Home…

Tobacco-free snus offer a great way to quit smoking or vaping and achieve a smoke-free lifestyle potentially bypassing the negative loop users find themselves trapped in when trying to quit smoking cold turkey.

Discreet, smoke-fee, and far safer, you can expect to experience a great change in your physical and primarily cardiovascular health when you clear the smoke (no pun intended)

We offer a vast selection of nicotine pouches on our website that will be effective in enabling you to quit smoking or vaping. Browse our products here.

Good Luck!


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