Best Snus for Beginners and How to Choose Correctly.

Understanding Snus

My job here is to show you the best beginner snus. But first you must understand what it is you’re looking for.

You may have heard people use the term ‘snus’ to describe a small nicotine-containing pouch that they place in their upper lip. However, it’s important to distinguish the differences between snus and nicotine pouches. 

Snus refers to the age-old invention originating in Scandinavia back in the 1800’s! It contains real tobacco, is brown and is placed in the upper lip to deliver nicotine orally.

Today there is a modern take on this invention called a nicotine pouch or tobacco-free snus. As the name suggests it contains no tobacco, just naturally derived nicotine and is placed under the upper lip in the same way as traditional snus.

There are multiple pros to this version of snus. It will not discolour your teeth in the same way as traditional tobacco snus and if you’re someone who likes a bit of excitement in your life, nicotine pouches often come in a range of whacky flavours for you to enjoy.

More than likely, it is nicotine pouches your friends are talking about when they mention the word snus, but the terms have become so intertwined that everyone seems to throw it all under the umbrella term ‘snus’, hence our name “snusboys.”

What to Know When Choosing Snus as a Beginner

It’s easy to get attracted by the array of colourful designs and tasty-sounding flavours, but don’t be fooled. That tooti-fruity-flavoured pouch that sounds great may very well send you to the shadow realm if you’re not careful (believe me I’m talking from experience). 

The most important thing to consider when buying snus for the first time is the strength, often labelled as mg per gram or mg per pouch.

Choosing the Correct Strength

People begin using snus for many reasons, some simply like the feeling of relaxation, alertness or concentration reported by many users. Some find it is the best route to a smoke-free lifestyle and use it to quit smoking and vaping. Whatever your reason for picking up a snus pot I hope this will help you choose wisely.

If you are a complete beginner with no nicotine tolerance you should enter the world of snus lightly. I would recommend you stay in the 3 – 14mg range. Products in this range can be found in the low-strength category of our website.

If you are accustomed to nicotine already through vaping or smoking then you may need something slightly stronger to satisfy your cravings. In this case, I would recommend anything from 8 – 50mg, the lower end if you are not a heavy smoker or vaper.

If you smoke or vape moderately I would recommend starting between 14 and 20mg per gram in the mild-strength category and only making your way to the upper end of 30 to 50mg once you have tried these and have decided they are not quite cutting it.

When it comes to products over 50mg, these are not to be messed with unless you know what you are doing. These kinds of products are used by people who have been using snus for a long time and have decided they need something ridiculously strong; they are not for everyone.

The Best Beginner Snus Brands

Common beginner brands include the poor selection of Nordic spirits found in most petrol stations and convenience stores. Quite often they do nothing for the user, taste terrible and put you off your snus journey before you have even seen what it has to offer.

Some popular brands for beginners include Velo, Zyn, Killa, 77, Ice, Iceberg (20mg only!)  and Cuba (16mg only!).

When browsing these brands please check that the strength is 20mg and below as some of these brands offer products far above this, and believe me, you don’t want to find out the hard way!

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