The User Guide to Snus Brands in UK

Snus has been on UK shores for long, given the distance from the Nordics to the UK. As Snus continues to rise in popularity in the UK, multiple brands have been taken to market with exciting new products. The unknown quantity of the marketplace has led many Snus users to consider their online and in-store options. In this guide, we will discuss some of the most popular Snus bands we sell with snippet insights into their qualities.

What should you look for in Snus brands?

As with any market, cheap imitations are available that do not effectively represent original products. We source from high-quality manufacturers to ensure user satisfaction in our sales. We have refined our service through years of experience and product knowledge. Brands of Snus are no different to any other industry. We look for seals of approval from manufacturers to ensure product quality.

As a user, you will find different brands that resonate with feelings and palate. Depending on your preferences, Snus has something for everyone. Some users may prefer fruity flavours; some prefer traditional tobacco flavours.

Our Top 4 Brands of Snus in the UK (2023)

Brand awareness is achieved with a robust marketing strategy. Because a brand is capable of marketing rarely means they are the best! As brands bustle for market share in this competitive market, we have insights based on customer feedback. Also, in-house usage within our team is valuable feedback that we have used to formulate our top list.

Siberia Snus

Siberia is one of the most popular brands of Snus in the UK. Manufacturers GN Tobacco, have established a huge following of Siberia fans since 2014. The response in the EU to consumer demand of stronger Snus allowed GN Tobacco to think outside of the box with Siberia. The chew bag, with an industry first of 43mg, has been among the favourite Snus for many years. The brand continues to dominate the face of Snus in the UK, and shows no signs of relenting.

Killa Snus

Killa are one of the most exciting brands to hit the UK for several years. The smooth composition of the pouches is one reason Killa fans stay loyal to the brand. But, the diverse flavour profiles ranging from Melon to Mint, are another. Sometimes using flavoured Snus it can be argued the flavours tend to subside throughout the load. Not with Killa! If you are looking for Snus that maintains its flavour and 16mg of strength, Killa is one of the leading Snus brands.

Cuba Snus

Cuba is an up-and-coming Snus brand that we have just about managed to satisfy user demand of. The varying strengths are one reason that Cuba has seen early success. With up to a whopping 150mg of nicotine per pouch, Cuba has some of the strongest hits available in the market to date. The flavour profiles are exceptional too. Loading a Cuba Ninja Bubblegum, with 150mg of strength and fluid flavour gives you a crazy hit but an enjoyable taste throughout.


Iceberg are known for spectacular strength, period. When Iceberg first came to market, the younger demographic loved the colourful products. The 150mg of nicotine from the Snus brand powerful pouches means these are not for beginners. But, if you love diversity of flavour then it is hard to deny the creativity of Iceberg.

Choose the right Snus brand that suits you!

Getting the right fit may take a few trials and errors. Snusboys offers all major brands at some of the most competitive prices. Choosing the right brand will be based on personal preference. For every Snus that you love, there will be an alternative. And in a dynamic market like Snus, evolving with strength and flavour all of the time, it is exciting! You can use our live chat service for more information on branding, flavours, or strengths. Let’s get you matched up with the right brand and right products.

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