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Does not contain tobacco and is not snus.

Velo Freeze nicotine pouches are among the coolest, most refreshing ones to hit the UK market in recent years. The product has evolved in branding from the former name, Lyft, a highly successful brand in Sweden. However, the ingredients and composition remain the same, making Velo Freeze one of the most sought products in the UK.

Ingredients: water, microcrystalline cellulose (E460), flavors, nicotine, flavor enhancer (saline), xylitol, thickener (E401), acidity regulator, salt preservative (E202), sweetener (E950).

  • Brand – VELO
  • Nicotine Strength (mg) – 15.6
  • Flavour – Menthol, Peppermint
  • Format – Slim
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How to use Velo Freeze Snus

Place the nicotine pouch between the gum and the upper lip. You can keep the pouch in place for up to 40 minutes and relax as the nicotine is dispensed through the minty cool flavour. The pouch will hold composition, meaning there will be no drip, just a relaxing flavour, and minty taste.


Velo Snus Nicotine Pouches Strength

The 16mg of nicotine is strong enough to feel some effects but without being overbearing on the system. The UK Snus and Nicopod market has strengths as low as 0mg up to 150mg. The strongest Velo products sit around the low to mid-range in terms of strength, so they are a perfect pod to try without worrying.


Velo Snus: Freeze Flavour

The flavour is a combination of menthol and peppermint. While the flavour is not as pronounced as some brands that target flavour connoisseurs, you will find it is no slouch in mint. The mint flavour holds to form for the entirety of the load but is not as intense as some other brands in the market.


Velo Snus: Who is it for?

If you are new to Snus then Velo could be the ideal brand to get started on. Velo Snus, formerly Lyft an exceptional brand in Europe, is among some of the most popular Snus in the UK. Strengths are mild, but offer enough for a good experience, especially for newcomers. While the strength is lower than many other brands, the composition of the pouches is very comfortable. The pouches sit tight against the gum and the inner lip with a moist composition, making it feel like they are almost nonexistent. The slimline profile of the pouches allow for a discreet intake of nicotine whether you are out and about, in the office, or at home.

Even the most experienced Snus users enjoy the Velo kick as it is easier to manage than many of the stronger brands. Texture is one of the most positive comments that we hear from Velo users. The non-abrasive texture of the pouches is just one of the reasons Velo Snus has become a favourite in the UK.

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