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Siberia | X-tremely Red


The UK’s Best Selling Snus at 43mg. Powerful, Fresh, and with Next Day Delivery!

Perhaps it is fair to warn a little about this: the Siberia -80ºc White Dry Portion is the strongest Swedish snus on the market today and is not a product for a snus novice! It has an insane 43mg/g, which is twice as much as other strong products out there and five times stronger than a regular 8mg/g snus. When it comes to flavour you will be surprised at how well they have blended a dark and full tobacco taste with a sharp spearmint flavour. 


Siberia X-tremely Red White Dry

Powerful chewing tobacco blend providing a strong and very special mint / spearmint experience. Strongest nicotine experience on the market in unmoistened chewing portion bags and with lower tobacco moisture. The tub contains a handy compartment to discard your used bags. Keep an eye out for all the latest Siberia Snus here


Quick Safety Check!

Ensuring health and safety while enjoying Siberia Snus is paramount. The elevated nicotine levels in these products necessitate cautious use to prevent potential health risks. It’s advised to consult with a healthcare expert before starting, adhere to recommended usage instructions, and be vigilant about local laws and regulations. By adopting responsible consumption practices, you can savor the unique snus experience while safeguarding your well-being.


What They Say About Siberia Red

“I used Siberia Red for the first time around 5 years ago at football. After a game, when I was dehydrated, the Snus strength absolutely blew me away. For the first time, it can be a lot, but after a while its hard to go a day without my Siberia” – Jamie Aldridge, Liverpool


“Siberia is just the best Snus in the market. I have found it more difficult to get hold of lately and the prices have gone up but Snusboys have been pretty consistent to be fair” – Richard Parette, Barking


“If you are using Sibes for the first time I wouldn’t recommend it if you have not taken Snus before. Start on something like the Velo, or Killa to build up your tolerance first. Unless you fancy going straight to sleep!” – Andre, London


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