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Iceberg Black 150mg


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Does not contain tobacco and is not snus.

Experience the candy of nicotine pouches

  • Brand – Iceberg
  • Nicotine Strength (mg) – 150
  • Flavour – Tutti Fruity
  • Format – Slim


Introducing Iceberg Snus 150mg

Iceberg came to the party and set it alight with Iceberg Snus 150mg pouches. These Snus are not for the faint-hearted; be warned! Extreme strength is one of the endearments of Iceberg by many customers. But, knowing how to handle such powerful Snus is crucial as they can be overwhelming, especially to first-time users.


The Kick from the Iceberg 150mg

If you are new to Snus and nicotine pouches, then we would not recommend the Iceberg Snus 150mg. The kick hits like a train, with waves of nicotine relaxing your body to the point of confusion at some points. We have tried them in the office; even the most experienced Snus users have reported that these are hard to control. As one of the strongest nicotine pouches in the world, you can expect any feelings you have been used to, to be enhanced ten-fold. You may need to lie down after one of these! If you would like to know a little more detail about the strength of Iceberg 150mg check out our full review here


Who is Iceberg Snus for?

If you frequently use Snus, Iceberg Snus could be an excellent addition to the lineup. However, Iceberg Snus are notoriously strong Snus that should be used cautiously. The brand prides itself on providing some of the strongest mg pouches in the market today. Most first-time users will be unable to handle the exceptional strength that can bring on the sweats, let alone force you to lie down and remove the pouch! Seriously, if you are thinking of trying Iceberg, then you should have a quick read of our Strongest Snus 2024




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