Snus: The Vaping Alternative

Many customers have asked how nicotine pouch Snus can be used as a vaping alternative. Vaping is a relatively new concept in the UK regarding nicotine consumption. Some users have legitimate worries and fears that it could have long-term health impacts. Well, we are not physicians, but we do know Snus!

Fruity Snus – The Perfect Vaping Alternative

Yup, we know. You are used to the crazy mixture of flavours you can create using your vape stick. Well, you will surprised to learn that those same fruity flavours you are used to are also in Snus nicotine pouches. Fruit flavours are some of the highest-selling Snus in the UK market, most likely down to the migration of vape users.

Why look for a Vaping Alternative?

There are obvious health risks associated with vaping. Anything that you inhale into your lungs should be clean. There is no ground-breaking science to consider that vaping can harm a human’s cardiovascular system. Some people wear masks to nullify the potential health risks of polluted air! It seems a no-brainer to consider the potential effects of clouds of water vapour containing flavourings may be detrimental!

Vaping has been linked with various issues to do with the cardiovascular system, including lung injuries. While vaping, at this stage, may be considered less harmful than smoking, it is still inconclusive as to the long-term effects. Finding a suitable vaping alternative can only be positive for vape users in the UK.

Vaping has become more frequent in the youth population in the UK. Young people have traditionally dabbled in detrimental substances, in particular smoking. But, with the unquantified long-term effects of vaping, our youth could be subject to long-term harm to their health.

The popularity of vaping has become the subject of scrutiny by government and professional bodies. The propensity, particularly in the youth demographic, to normalize vaping is cause for concern. Inhaling nicotine causes problems to the lungs and cardiovascular system. Products have become cheaper, imported, and uncontrolled in their distribution. As with any product, imitations could be circulating the market. The concoction of liquids used to create vape sticks can easily be manipulated for maximal resale value. Quality, especially in cheaper products, can harm one’s health.

Inhalation of nicotine is a cause for consideration as a smoking gateway.

Best Snus for High Nicotine-Level Vapers

One of the considerations when converting from vaping to Snus is to ensure you can satisfy the nicotine cravings. By using Snus that can mirror the level of nicotine level you are tolerant to, it can help to convert from vaping to Snus. For the high nicotine vapers, strong Snus is important. The strongest Snus could potentially be overloaded on the system.

Benefits of Using Snus over Vaping

There are a ton of benefits to using Snus as a vaping alternative. One of the most critical considerations to use Snus is the importance of lung health. There have been many associations that have considered Snus a viable option for quitting smoking. You should read this biomed discovery on the effects of Snus. In the UK, Snus is illegal, but the use of nicotine pouches is not. So, while many refer to our version of “Snus” as Snus, we use an even cleaner version. Our version is made from plant-based fillers, water, and nicotine.