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Fancy trying some of the hottest flavoured Snus and Nicotine Pouches in the UK right now? We have a library of in-stock goodies for beginners, enthusiasts, and frequent users. Check out our fantastic collection of different flavours from all major brands!

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Snus and Nicotine Pouches come in a range of different flavours. Most of these flavours never see the mainstream supermarket shelves. While many brands are competing for positions currently in the UK, we are still a new nation of Snus and pouches. Previously, when you could only source different strengths and flavours from the EU, it was hard times. Now, as the UK embraces the emergence of tobacco-free products, UK dealers like Snusboys have access to some of the top names from the EU. Buying online saves our customers a ton of money and time. We can offer some of the lowest prices online, such as our foothold with both manufacturer and customer. Buying Snus online has not been as easy as it is today. We celebrate this by keeping a consistent price structure that sustains our happy customers with the brands they love.

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Running out of Snus is never an option. One of the things we have learned through years of supplying Snus and nicotine pouches in the UK is attention to speed. We use a next-day delivery service for all our customers, provided we receive your order before 2pm.

Life-Like Flavours for Long-Lasting Taste

There is nothing worse with a pouch than when you get the initial kick of your desired snus flavour then it evaporates into thin air. We know this happens with several brands you will find on supermarket shelves. The brands we sell have extensive experience creating the best-tasting, most consistent Snus and Nicotine pouches. We deliver high-quality products that maintain freshness when arriving with our customers for the best flavour experiences. Long gone are the days of puffing vast clouds of smoke to get your nicotine fix! Snus is the way forward, the future, a cheaper and more sustainable way to get nicotine without the ugly toxins.

Snus Flavour Guide:

Since the traditional Swedish Snus days, there have been considerable developments in the Snus and nicotine pouch market. The move away from traditional tobacco-tasting Snus has seen exponential growth globally. Flavours have been developed in line with consumer demand and continue to progress. We constantly add to our product lines to give you the best-tasting Snus in the UK.

Bubblegum flavours have been developed for the fruity palate that loves the smoothness of the old-school bubblegum sweetness. These Snus offer a sweetie burst of complex fruit and drink mixtures that our customers love. If you are looking for a Snus that can deliver a smooth fruity taste with a sweetie nuance, then these are for you! Check out our Bubblegum Snus

There are some major players in the development of Candy Snus flavours. Iceberg is an innovative company in its approach to developing Candy Snus. So many of our customers enjoy the Candy Snus we regularly stockpile them so they are readily available. If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy mixtures of favourite sweetie brands and new concoctions, then you will be in your element. Have a look at our Candy Snus

Cola is a favourite among the crowd. These Snus flavours usually have a reminiscent tone of the original brand but vary among manufacturers. Typically, the cola flavours do not last as long as the fruit. The profile is sharp and quite rich for shorter periods. View all our Cola Snus

The world of drinks flavoured Snus can get exciting. We expect this niche to grow very quickly as the demand increases daily. The energy drinks Snus are among some of the best-selling Snus, with huge hits of familiar flavours. But, with manufacturers creating crowd favourites like Pina Colada, it is developing quickly. Here are our Drinks Flavour Snus

Imagine mint with even more of a kick. Some fresh Snus are everlasting to the taste and will hold as long as you can in the mouth. If you see a Double Fresh Snus, and enjoy crazy mouthwash-style freshness on your tongue, order a pot! You won’t be disappointed. Check out our Fresh Snus

The fruit flavours from most manufacturers are insane. The products released in Snus flavours in this line are getting stronger, richer, and with ever-more potent flavouring. When a line of products ranges from Apple to Dragonfruit, the excitement level among our customers is quantified by the exclusive mix-and-match ordering option available in our store! Have a look-see at our Fruit flavour Snus

Perhaps the most common, but always a classic, our Mint flavoured Snus hold their own with our customers. The mint profile sees some of the most subscribed-to orders, with our regulars opting for different products at a much slower rate. If you are a Siberia or Killa Cold Mint fan, you will be happy with the consistency and familiarity. Check out the Mint Snus