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Killa Cold Mint


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Mix and match any Killa flavours 10 - 49 £3.50
Mix and match any Killa flavours 50 - 119 £3.00
Mix and match any Killa flavours 120 + £2.50
Does not contain tobacco and is not snus.

Killa Snus is one of the most popular brands in the UK, if not the most popular currently. Killa cold mint, the original flavour, has continued its surgent success in the UK. With immaculate composition for smooth nicotine dispersal, Killa cold mint is a favourite for those who like to unwind. The flavour of intense mint resonates with the palate that likes original mint. If you are looking for a classic Snus, you have found it. Relax with one of the fast-becoming classics in the UK snus market!


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