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Pablo Passionfruit Snus from the creative minds at NGP is a taste explosion that’s more passionate than a telenovela plot twist! With a sassy 50mg strength, it’s like your taste buds are in a heated flamenco dance-off. The passionfruit flavor is so intense; it’s like a passionate love affair with your senses. It’s the snus that dares to say, “Forget ordinary, let’s samba our way to flavor town!” Pablo Passionfruit Snus turns every moment into a passionate, tropical escape that’s hotter than a summer romance. So, why settle for bland when you can have a pouch of passion that’ll make your taste buds tango with delight?




  • Brand – PABLO
  • Nicotine Strength (mg) – 50mg/g
  • Flavour – Passionfruit
  • Style – Slim

Pablo Passionfruit Snus, a distinguished creation by NGP, is renowned for its captivating depth of flavor. Infused with the essence of ripe passionfruit, this offering presents a rich, authentic tropical taste that has garnered a loyal following in the United Kingdom.

The 50mg strength of this snus is renowned for its potency, catering to those seeking a robust and satisfying snus experience. What truly sets Pablo Passionfruit Snus apart, however, is its unparalleled passionfruit flavor profile. This flavor is a testament to NGP’s commitment to producing premium snus products, as it encapsulates the intricate sweetness and tanginess that is characteristic of ripe passionfruit.

In the UK, Pablo Passionfruit Snus has gained a devoted fan base who appreciate the nuanced taste and potent nicotine content. Its popularity is a testament to the success of NGP in crafting exceptional snus that appeals to those who seek both strength and authentic, delightful flavor.

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Е460 cellulose.
Е501 PH-adjustment.
E1520 humectant.

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