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Pablo Cappuccino Snus – it’s like your morning coffee’s lively cousin with a snus-tache! Developed by the creative geniuses at NGP, this snus packs a caffeinated punch with a twist of humor. It’s got the strength you need to tackle the day, 50mg strong – a real wake-up call for your senses.

But here’s where it gets fun: the flavor is a delightful cappuccino, making you wonder if your snus is secretly moonlighting as a barista. It’s not just coffee-flavored; it’s a whole java-filled comedy show in your mouth, leaving you thinking, “Who needs a coffee shop when you’ve got Pablo Cappuccino?”

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  • Brand – PABLO
  • Nicotine Strength (mg) – 50mg/g
  • Flavour – Mocca
  • Style – Slim Pablo Mocca Snus, an innovative creation by NGP, combines a formidable 50mg strength with a meticulously crafted coffee flavor, offering a distinct and satisfying snus experience. The 50mg strength ensures a robust nicotine hit, appealing to those seeking a powerful and invigorating snus.The flavor profile is an artful blend of rich coffee and chocolate notes, delivering a genuine mocca taste that rivals a premium café experience. Each pouch embodies the essence of a finely brewed cappuccino, creating a harmonious balance between strength and flavor.NGP’s commitment to quality is evident in Pablo Mocca Snus, a testament to their dedication to producing exceptional snus products. This snus not only provides a significant nicotine content but also a flavor profile that caters to connoisseurs of fine coffee. For those who appreciate both strength and authentic taste, Pablo Cappuccino Snus is the embodiment of excellence in snus craftsmanship.

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Е460 cellulose.
Е501 PH-adjustment.
E1520 humectant.

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