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Pablo Kiwi


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Kiwi Snus – it’s the cheeky fruit that decided to join the snus party! Developed with a wink by the creative minds at NGP, this snus packs a kiwi kick that’s more refreshing than a tropical vacation. It’s like a wild kiwi dance-off in your mouth, and everyone’s invited!

With a burst of zesty kiwi goodness, you’ll be asking, “Who needs a fruit salad when you’ve got Kiwi Snus?” NGP has created a fruity masterpiece that’s not only entertaining but delicious, reminding you that snus can be fun and flavorful.




Pablo Kiwi

At SnusBoys we stock many different flavours of Pablo Snus Pablo Kiwi is one of the newer offerings to the exclusive range and offers a tangy citrusy twist to NGP’s strongest range of nicotine pouches. It is completely tobacco-free so that you can enjoy discretely without staining your teeth. Nicotine pouches such as Pablo offer a tasty alternative to tobacco snus products. Unlike nicotine delivery systems such as smoking and vaping, they offer this in a smoke-free way. To use this product place a pouch between the gum and upper lip. You will feel a tingling sensation, followed by a fast delivery of nicotine shortly after. The pouch can be used for 5-30 minutes. Once you are finished with it you can remove the pouch and place in in the upper compartment of the container or dispose of it appropriately.

Flavour Profile

Pablo Kiwi perfectly combines the tangy and sweet profiles in the kiwi fruit and delivers a strong nicotine hit. NGP have given us a vast range of flavour offerings to accompany their traditional ice cold mint and menthol flavours. Tastes such as kiwi have become widely loved amongst snus and nicotine pouch users making this variation of the Pablo line-up one of the favourites.


Who Should Use

We recommend this product to those who have experience with nicotine pouches. These pouches are not for beginners as they are strong. This product is perfect for the intermediate looking for something a little more daring, or the seasoned consumer seeking something that still offers a kick without being completely over the top. This pouch is towards the upper-echelon in strength but is still versatile, especially for those with a higher tolerance. In terms of flavour preference Pablo Kiwi is perfect if you are somebody who does not enjoy typical mint and menthol flavours used in nicotine pouches, or finds these flavours boring, this product offers a citrus twist to your nicotine experience.


Pablo Kiwi Review

“Possibly the most underrated flavour of Pablo” – Chris, Yorkshire

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