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Pablo Ice Cold


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Pablo Ice Cold Snus is one of the all-time favorites. One of the first Pablo Snus to be introduced to the market, Ice Cold is a masterpiece in itself. For those who are searching for the searing icy feeling from their Snus, this is for you! As the minty freshness sweeps over your tastebuds, the 50mg of strength is sure to send wave after wave of relaxation through you. If Snus had a dynasty the Ice Cold flavour is sure to be one of those in the hall of fame!


Pablo Ice Cold

Pablo Ice Cold is NGP’s first Pablo flavour and is the staple product in the Pablo range, easily noticed by it’s uniquely gold packaging. It has garnered a loyal following among those who appreciate its invigorating coolness and substantial nicotine content. It stands as a symbol of excellence in the world of snus, emblematic of NGP’s commitment to crafting exceptional snus products that delight the senses. As a tobacco-free product, Pablo Ice cold can be used to enjoy nicotine in a discreet, smoke free manner unlike nicotine delivery systems such as smoking and vaping. To use this product place a pouch between the gum and upper lip, this will induce a tingling sensation, followed by the sensations of nicotine shortly after. It can be used for 5-30 minutes. Once you are finished with it you can remove the pouch and place in in the upper compartment of the container or dispose of it appropriately. For a refreshing and potent snus experience, Pablo Ice Cold remains an exceptional choice. We stock many different flavours of Pablo Snus at Snusboys

Flavour Profile

The menthol flavour profile in Pablo Ice Cold is a carefully balanced blend, delivering a genuinely chilling experience that elevates the snus journey to new heights. Each pouch encapsulates the essence of a crisp, menthol-cooled sensation, making it a perfect choice for those seeking both potency and an authentic menthol refreshment.


Who Should Use

We recommend this product to those who have experience with nicotine pouches. These pouches are not for beginners as they are strong. This product is perfect for those looking for something a more daring. This pouch is high in strength which makes it popular amongst those seeking a nicotine pouch that let’s you know it’s there. Although the same in nicotine content as all other Pablo variations the crispness of the menthol flavour means that users often find Pablo Ice Cold to have a slightly stronger kick than some of the fruitier tastes which lack this. This product is perfect for those that enjoy traditional mint flavours over some of the more adventurous flavour profiles offered in the Pablo Exclusive range.


Pablo Ice Cold Review

“The first snus I ever tried, haven’t found a better one since” – Lily, London

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