LYFT – Winter Chill Nicopods


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Does not contain tobacco and is not snus.

Experience the strongest LYFT has to offer with LYFT Freeze X-Strong Slim. A seemingly popular choice of modern nicopods produced by Fiedler & Lundgren. Lyft pods contain eucalyptus and pine fibre, offering a refreshing flavour. These pods are a revolutionary tobacco-free take on traditional snus with many benefits as they are less harmful and will not stain teeth.

Ingredients: water, microcrystalline cellulose (E460), flavors, nicotine, flavor enhancer (saline), xylitol, thickener (E401), acidity regulator, salt preservative (E202), sweetener (E950).

  • Brand – LYFT
  • Nicotine Strength (mg) – 16
  • Flavour – Mint Mix / Menthol
  • Format – Slim
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