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Killa Grape Ice


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Killa Grape Ice has rapidly become one of the most loved flavours among NGP’s range of snus nicotine pouches. Offering a strong nicotine hit packed with an full, well-rounded grape flavour.

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Killa Grape Ice

Killa Grape Ice is a nicotine pouch, meaning it is completely tobacco-free. This allows it to be enjoyed discretely and without staining teeth. Nicotine pouches like Killa offer a flavourful alternative to traditional tobacco snus products, and a healthier smoke-free alternative to other forms of nicotine delivery such as smoking and vaping. To use this product place a pouch between the gum and upper lip. You will begin to feel a tingling sensation, shortly followed by the fast delivery of nicotine. The pouch can be enjoyed for as little as 5 or as long as 30 minutes but you can take it out whenever suits you. Once removed place the pouch in the upper compartment of the container to avoid unnecessary littering.

Flavour Profile

Killa Grape Ice combines a juicy grape flavour with an icy after taste to deliver a moderately strong nicotine hit. Today flavour offerings have vastly expanded, steering away from traditional mint and menthol flavours. Fruity flavours such as grape have gained popularity in the nicotine pouch market and this particular blend has brought Killa Grape Ice to the forefront of the Killa roster. It is now one of the most favoured tastes in NGP’s range.


Who Should Use

We recommend this product to those who have at least some experience with nicotine pouches. It is perfect for the beginner looking for something a step up in strength from lower strength pouches or the seasoned consumer seeking something mild that can be used as a daily pouch. Killa Grape Ice offers versatility to the user as it is not too weak or too strong, rendering it a product that can be enjoyed in almost any scenario. If you are somebody who does not enjoy the typical mint flavours often found in nicotine pouches, or finds these flavours boring, this product offers a flavourful and exciting twist to your nicotine experience.


Killa Grape Ice Review

“This is the best flavour in my opinion, full juicy and well balanced. A nice change from the other boring minty flavours.” – Jamie, Exeter



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