Pablo Nicotine Pouches & Nicopods


NGP Empire built Pablo with the power user in mind. The incredible flavours combined with strength levels enough to rock your world are just two alluring properties of the Pablo pouches. As the market continues to grow, so does Pablo's popularity among both new and frequent users of Nicotine Pouches.


NGP are known for making mouth wateringly rich flavours through their original Killa brand. In Pablo, they have released a top draw pouch in a variety of flavours for those with diverse palates. Grape Ice is one of the hottest selling products in the nicopods & pouches world, and for good reason. The fruity foundation trades off with ice freshness that leaves you feeling refreshed and satisfied. Pablo continues to persuade both first time users and competitor brand users to its grip.

UK Favourite

50mg Nicotine Pouches

Pablo Pouches Nicotine Strength Explained

The 50mg/g advertised is, in fact, subdued in the per pouch format of 30mg. At 30mg there is still more than three times your average cigarette. The strength level ensures you get a kick every time! Using Nicotine Pouches or Nicopods still offers a different experience depending on the user. Pablo is considered a strong pouch by most standards, but you can acclimatise very quickly. We recommend using pouches infrequently and with load times for up to 40 minutes for best results.


Pablo are, quite possibly, one of the fastest selling nicotine pouches to have hit the UK market in a long time. The original Pablo Ice Cold flavour shot to notoriety upon release. Timing was everything for releasing these pouches as the Netflix series Narcos trended globally. Despite the connotation to one of the world’s most notorious criminals, the brand went from strength to strength. The Ice Cold packed a sharp, aggressive 50mg hit delivered with minty freshness and continues to be a demanded product.

Later, as NGP hoped to diversify the product portfolio, the Exclusive line was born. These nicotine pouches have more diverse flavour profiles, mimicking the lighter Killa nicotine pouches for flavour. Pablo Grape Ice has been a revelation for nicotine pouch enthusiasts and has been subject to multiple online reviews both on social media platforms and websites. The popularity of the Exclusive line continues to grow in the marketplace with flavours like Pablo Kiwi and Pablo Mocca. Even our own nicotine pouch fanatics here at Snusboys took the opportunity to try the Mocca flavour! Our in-house team produced one of the most detailed Pablo nicotine pouch reviews that is regularly read by Google searchers.


On first release, many could have considered Pablo as a nicotine pouch trending alongside Narcos. Although the timing was critical in the product's release, the longevity is a testament to the brands’ fastidious marketing methodology. Pablo caters to all manners of nicotine pouch users through various flavour profiles that excite so many palates. At 50mg, the strength is strong enough to make it a viable option for stronger users. However, the flavour differentials have also caused pouch composition variables. Minty flavours have a slightly more moist pouch, whereas Mocca and many of the fruit flavours hold a drier composition. The compositions coupled with diversity in flavour means that Pablo nicotine pouches have catered for the majority of the market. Compared with many other brands, these pouches have risen to popularity with an unyielding approach to learning the UK market.


Choosing the right Pablo nicotine pouches is down to a bit of trial and error. With so many flavours and variables in pouch composition, the Pablo experience is subjective. We recommend ordering one of each flavour for new users. Inevitably, new users will find some flavours they prefer more than others.

Buying Pablo in-store at many of the stockists now available in the UK will incur a premium on the products. You can expect to pay anywhere between £5.99 £6.99 for a single pot in-store. Conversely, buying from Snusboys online means you will benefit from at least a 30% saving!


What are Pablo Nicotine Pouches made of?

Pablo are made from water, nicotine, and plant-based fillers ensuring a smoother, more sustainable, and less obtrusive method for the intake of nicotine.

How long do the effects last?

Typically you can expect anywhere between 20-40 minutes of nicotine effects from Pablo. This is dependent on so many physiological variables including hydration levels and mouth moisture.

Can they help with quitting smoking?

Many of our customer base have used Pablo to aid in quitting smoking, however, nicotine pouches are not a cessation product. Nicotine pouches are an alternative to cigarettes that offer a different method for intake.

How do I store Pablo pouches?

It is best to store all nicotine pouches somewhere cool. In Sweden the Swedes tend to store their pouches in a fridge. This may not be an option for many, so storing in the next best cool place is advised for maintaining the freshness and flavour for as long as possible.

Do Pablo Pouches stain your teeth?

No, unlike traditional snus that uses tobacco, these pouches are tobacco free meaning the moisture does not release in brown form. Therefore, tobacco-free pouches are cleaner than traditional snus.