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Tons of Brands

We stock the best nicotine pouch brands in the UK. Our huge collection of nicotine pouches is available to you with the fastest turnaround time.

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Unlike some of the websites you will find online, Snusboys is based in the UK. Have peace of mind knowing your order will be dispatched and arrive safely and with live tracking.


Alternative Nicotine Source

Nicotine Pouches are an effective way of consuming nicotine. Using pouches can be a viable alternative to smoking or vaping.

Flavour Profiles in Abundance

One of the endearments for users of Nicotine Pouches is the vast array of flavours. We stock a huge variety of flavours in different brands to cater for everyone.


With up to 30 pouches per pot, there is more than enough for daily consumption. Even better, the pouches are delivered in a discreet pot. There is no discolouration of teeth or associated smell after user.

Top Brands

One of the most popular nicotine pouch brands in the UK, Velo, continues to take the retail market by storm. As an avid user of Nicotine Pouches, one of our staff has written a detailed review about both the experience and effects of Velo pouches here

On paper, one of the strongest nicotine pouches around is Iceberg. With a library of wild flavour profiles with Mints, Fruits, and everything in between, Iceberg is an exciting brand. We wrote a review of the Iceberg 150mg pouches you can read it here

Cuba is one of the most exciting brands to hit the shelves in the UK market. Every detail about Cuba, from strength to flavour is meticulously perfected. You can see all our Cuba products here


Our Nicotine Pouch brands combine water, nicotine and plant based fillers to make each pouch. There is no tobacco in our products, which means no staining of teeth.

The plant based fillers are produced to give substance to the pouches allowing for consistent taste and dispersion of nicotine into the system. Each pouch is carefully designed to optimise in flavour and nicotine consumption.

We have a wide variety of different strengths available for experienced users and beginners alike.

Pouch of the Month

120mg of nicotine dispersed from a nostalgic infusion of Banana Milkshake. Think old school Mcdonald's milkshake flavour with a punch!

Supreme Banana Milkshake 120mg

Simply one of the best Nicotine Pouches to hit our shores from Europe. Snusboys, the exclusive distributor of all Supreme products, vouches for this product to be one of the most flavourful and strong you will come across.