Cuba Nicotine Pouches & Nicopods

Best for Beginners
Cuba White Line

20mg Nicotine Pouches

From Europe to The UK Cuba are around to Stay

Cuba Nicotine Pouches, by Nicotobacco, have been extremely popular in Europe. As with most popularised products on the continent, the UK received Cuba exclusively through Snusboys. The fantastical blends of flavour in varied strengths continues to drive an avalanche of sales across the nicopods and nicotine pouch sector.

Best for Smokers
Cuba Ninja 30

30mg Nicotine Pouches

Strong Nicotine Pouches
Cuba Black Line

43mg Nicotine Pouches

Rich in Flavour & Lasting in Performance

If you have used nicotine pouches before you will know sometimes the advertised flavours can be off point. Well, with Cuba nicotine pouches, the flavours are super rich. Cherry, one of the most popular flavours, has depth beyond what you could expect from a supermarket shelf fruit! The richness in flavour ensures that your load time, regardless of how long, engulfs you with wave after wave of desired taste.

Exceptionally Strong
Cuba Ninja 150

150mg Nicotine Pouches

Increasing the levels of Pouches & Nicopods in th UK

They say seeing is believing, but we know sometimes that is not the case. Cuba nicotine pouches do exactly what they say on the tin. From 16mg through to the 150mg nicotine levels, Cuba bring the fire. You can expect optimal performance from every pouch that allows you to obtain calculated nicotine intake throughout your day. At 150mg, Cuba is able to offer hits that are comparable with any product on the market. Known for the speed of delivery, this brand is one of the fastest acting nicotine pouches around.